Two Scenarios in Which You Should Use Exterior Shutters Instead of Interior Window Dressings


Below are two scenarios in which you should consider abandoning the use of interior window dressings and getting exterior shutters fitted instead.

Your lifestyle doesn't necessitate or allow for interior window dressings

It's a common misconception that every home needs to have interior window dressings. In reality, there are many circumstances in which it is necessary or preferable not to bother with them and to instead rely only on exterior shutters to block light. You might find yourself in this situation if, for example, you have a hyperactive cat or energetic young child who will not leave the window dressings alone and whose interest in climbing or playing with the curtains, interior shutters or blinds you have previously put up has resulted in these dressings ending up torn, scratched or stained. In this situation, putting up exterior shutters that your cat or child cannot access whilst they're indoors could be a good solution to this problem, as you'll still be able to keep the light out of your home's rooms when you need to but won't have to worry about replacing costly window dressings every few months.

You might also find that this is the best option for you if you're a minimalist and want your home interior to be as simple, empty and serene as it can be. In this instance, having shutters on the outside of your windows would provide you with the ability to keep your property's rooms as dark or light as you want them to be, without you having to hang up curtains or blinds that don't work with the sparse aesthetic you prefer.

Your home has beautiful antique windows

If your home is a period property that has beautiful antique windows, then you might be happier with shutters on the outside of these windows, rather than blinds, interior shutters or curtains on the inside. The reason for this is as follows: window dressings are, as their name implies, used in part to spruce up plain-looking window areas.

If your windows are already very beautiful and you love the way that they look on their own, then the presence of window dressings would only obscure this lovely feature. By using the money that you would have spent on curtains, voile panels or blinds on exterior shutters instead, you could get the privacy and light control you need and still get to enjoy seeing the entirety of your gorgeous antique windows every time you go into a room.


8 December 2020

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