Answering Your Concerns About Bi-Fold Exterior Doors


Bi-fold doors for a home's exterior can be what you need to open up the space around the home's patio or deck area, and these doors can also increase the circulation of fresh air into the home's interior. If you're thinking of getting bi-fold doors for your home, but aren't sure if they're the right choice, note a few concerns you might have about this style of doors. You can then easily decide if they're the best option for your patio space or sunroom, and ensure you choose the best doors for all your home interior and exterior areas.

Do they let in cold or heat?

It's easy to think that glass bi-fold doors are less thermal-efficient than an actual wall, or French doors with a thicker frame. This isn't necessarily true; the thick glass used for bi-fold doors can be just as thermal-efficient as a standard wall and will help to block cold air or hot summertime sun. Some glass may also be made with a coating that bounces back UV rays so that you can let in sunlight while keeping out uncomfortable heat, so don't let fear of heat or cold getting into the home stop you from having bi-fold doors installed.

Do you need permits to have bi-fold doors installed?

Whether or not you need permits for any work on your home will vary from area to area, and a door installer can tell you if such permits need to be pulled in your case. However, you typically don't need to have permits for these doors unless you live in a conservation area, with strict rules about home improvement projects, or unless you're adding a sunroom that will include bi-fold doors. Note, too, that you may want to check with your homeowner's association if they restrict changes you can make to your home, but in most cases, you can have these doors installed without any such outside interference.

What about privacy?

If you want an entire wall of bi-fold doors, you may not be able to add curtains very easily, and blinds may get in the way of the doors actually folding up against each other. Instead, consider reflective window film, which blocks the view to the inside of the home, or choose roller shades. Shades are very compact and won't get in the way of the doors; you can even choose shades with a loose weave that will let in some light but obscure the view, offering you the privacy you need with your bi-fold doors.


13 December 2017

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