4 Reasons to Consider a Straight Drop Awning


Most awnings extend outwards from a property to provide protection from the sun and elements, but you can also opt for a straight drop external awning. As the name implies, these blinds drop straight down from the ceiling to the floor, and they offer a wide range of attractive benefits. Here are just four reasons you should consider a straight drop awning.

1. Greater Protection

Since a straight drop awning can roll down all the way from the ceiling to the floor, it can create a very effective barrier against the elements. Whether you want to protect yourself and your furniture from the sun's rays or prevent draughts from interfering with your enjoyment of your outside space, straight drop awnings can offer the perfect solution. You can even choose between different fabrics to meet different needs. For example, special mesh fabrics can provide protection from the sun and wind without blocking your view.

2. Greater Privacy

Most people only think about how an awning can protect them against the weather, but a straight drop awning can also protect you and your family from prying eyes. They essentially form a fabric wall that lets some light filter through while still providing a visual barrier from the outside. This isn't just ideal when you want your privacy — it also increases security by preventing people outside from looking in. To enhance security even further, you can even opt for a thicker type of fabric, such as canvas.

3. Clean Design

Straight drop awnings can be operated either manually or through a motor. In either case, all the moving parts will be concealed in a secure enclosure at the ceiling. This means there are no chains, cords or cables in the way, which creates a clean appearance and helps prevent damage. This is often a particularly attractive benefit for those with young children since the lack of cords, chains and cables makes straight drop awnings extremely safe.

4. Attractive Appearance

The awning you choose is going to make a big difference to your property's appearance, so it makes sense to choose one that will look good. Straight drop awnings fit the bill since they provide wide and seamless coverage. They are also available in a wide range of colours, so you can easily match the colour of your awning to the outside of your property. You can even opt for a powder-coated aluminium framework to match the colour of the hood and rails to the awning's fabric.

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28 March 2023

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