Know Why You Should Install Outdoor Blinds This Season


When adding style and personality to your outdoor space, you should not forget about privacy. Outdoor blinds can help you achieve that and more. In addition to privacy, these blinds make your outdoors more comfortable, functional and energy efficient. You can add them to your deck, verandah, patio, gazebo or yard, depending on your needs. Here are more reasons to invest in outdoor blinds: They Enable You to Host Parties All Year Round

27 May 2021

Don't Miss Out on These 4 Benefits of Installing Leadlight Doors


Old heritage houses and churches may be your first exposure to leadlight doors. However, leadlight windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Leadlight panels contain decorative glass, which is either frosted or clear. They are made by incorporating various techniques to create varying intricate designs and shapes. You can gain numerous benefits when you install leadlight doors, and here are some of them. 1. They Are Easily Customisable

10 March 2021