2 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Home Patio's Sliding Doors


If you have a sliding door that leads out to your home's patio, you may enjoy being able to look outside while having extra light in your home. However, because of the door's age, you may be wondering whether or not you should have the door replaced.

Even if the door appears to be in good condition, it may not be properly doing its job of keeping the air, moisture and bugs out of your home. Below are a couple of signs that it may be time to have your home patio sliding door replaced with a new one.

1. You Notice the Sliding Door Sticks Whenever You Try to Open or Close It

One sign that your sliding doors may need to be replaced is when you start noticing difficulty moving it. Whenever you try to open and/or close it, it may stick, causing you to force it past the same point to get it to move. If this is happening, you should first check the tracks to see if anything is obstructing the movement. If not, there is a good chance that the door is no longer in alignment.

When the sliding door is no longer in alignment with the frame, it most likely is no longer sealing properly. You may even see gaps between the frame and door after taking a closer look. These gaps will allow water, insects and air to enter your home if the door is not replaced.

2. You Feel Air Blowing in from Outdoors When Placing Your Hand Around the Frame of the Door

Even if you do not see any gaps around the door and/or frame, you may still feel air coming in. Slowly run your hand around the door to see if you feel the air.

If you do feel air blowing in from the outdoors, this could mean that either there are small gaps that you cannot readily see or that the seals have deteriorated. Either way, you may want to replace the door to keep the heat/cool air out to reduce the strain on your home's heating and cooling systems.

If your patio door has started to stick whenever you open and/or close it and you feel air coming in from the outdoors, it is either no longer in alignment with the frame and is no longer properly sealing. When this happens, you should seriously consider having it replaced. Contact a sliding door supplier in your area to find out about the various options for finding a replacement.


30 September 2021

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