Don't Miss Out on These 4 Benefits of Installing Leadlight Doors


Old heritage houses and churches may be your first exposure to leadlight doors. However, leadlight windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Leadlight panels contain decorative glass, which is either frosted or clear. They are made by incorporating various techniques to create varying intricate designs and shapes. You can gain numerous benefits when you install leadlight doors, and here are some of them.

1. They Are Easily Customisable

Leadlight doors are made by hand, and that makes it easy to customise them. Moreover, the door panels come in a wide variety of colours. Because of that, you can modify their shape and design to create a unique and welcoming entry into your home. Manufacturers create leadlight doors with simple designs which homeowners can adjust to suit their needs and tastes. For instance, you can change the glass's transparency depending on how much privacy and light you need in your home. You can opt for a frosted design if privacy is your top priority. However, transparent and translucent lenses may be ideal if you are not concerned about privacy. 

2. They Make the Home Feel More Open

A solid opaque door acts as a barrier to everything outside, including the much-needed natural light. If you want to enjoy plenty of natural light without having to open doors and windows, invest in leadlight doors. They allow diffused light into the indoor space, making it feel more spacious and comfortable. So, these doors are ideal for narrow entrances where you can't always leave the door open.

3. They Can Suit Your Requirements 

The diversity in the leadlight doors' design offers you the freedom to make them stand out or blend into the surroundings. So, look at the existing colours and décor around your house before choosing a leadlight door. For instance, if you have a neutral coloured room, you can make the door stand out by choosing colourful and vivid hues. You can then repeat these colours using small décor items around the house to make the door blend better. Alternatively, you can choose soft and subtle colours for the door if you want it to match with the rest of the room. 

4. They Maintain the Home's Historical Value

Leadlight doors have been around for many years. Therefore, people associate them with historic homes. For this reason, having them in your house will give it a historic feel. It will also attract potential buyers interested in such dwellings when selling your property in the future. 

Installing leadlight doors offers numerous benefits. So, take your time to find the ideal one for your space. With the various options available, you are sure to get one that suits your home's theme. 


10 March 2021

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