4 Effective Ways to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door


Sliding glass doors allow more natural light into your home and often open to a patio or deck making them aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, they pose obvious security risks; thus requiring extra effort to secure your home properly. The larger the glass panes, the more vulnerable they are to breaking, offering an easy entryway to anyone intending to break in. Besides, sliding glass doors can be easily raised off their track and detached if not properly fitted and safeguarded.

Also, locks on a majority of sliding glass doors are not as efficient as conventional latches. There are multiple available approaches to enable you to enjoy the benefits of your sliding glass door while still lessening the risks of a break-in.

1. Dowel Sticks

A dowel stick is a round rod attached to the trail of a sliding glass door, preventing the glass from sliding within its track. In case an intruder unlocks the latch on your door, they still can't get the door to open when the dowel holding the door closed from the inside. To use a dowel rod efficiently, ensure that it is only half an inch s smaller than the door's track. Also, it should be thin enough to mount into the track well.

2. Security Sensors

A security sensor will notify you when your door is unlocked without your permission or knowledge. It transmits a signal to your alarm when the glass door opens, either prompting an alarm noise or automatically notifying your security company, depending on how your security system has been set up. Turning off the alarm will enable you to open and close the sliding door freely without the sensors triggering.

3. Shatter Alarms

This is an extra sensor in your home security system that senses the noises of breaking glasses or vibrations of a window when smashed into. The alarm will immediately go off, alerting you to a home breach that you otherwise wouldn't have discovered on your own. A shutter alarm will come at an extra cost, but it is a worthwhile investment especially if you have many sliding glasses.

4. Sheet Metal Screws and Washers

Adding metal screws or washers on the frame tops or in the track will help prevent the door from being lifted off its frame. They act as a stopper, stopping the glass from elevating past a certain height. Before securing a washer or screw, ensure your glass is still sliding smoothly back and forth on the track to be certain that the sliding glass door isn't obstructed.


15 December 2017

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