Choosing a Door for a Small Interior Space


When you have a small home, even standard-sized doors can be a challenge, as they can easily bump into furniture or other pieces when opened, and block your access to an area of a room. Using something more unique than a standard-sized hinged door can be a solution to this challenge, so note a few options you have when it comes to doors for small interior spaces. This can ensure you're making the most of that small space in your home.


One consideration for some entryways or closets is if you need an actual door at all! Consider a walk-in closet, as an example; you can add a screen along one side of the doorway, to cover the area of the closet that is most cluttered, and keep the other side of the doorway open. Do the same for a bedroom or other room of the house where you don't necessarily need full privacy; cover just one half of the entryway with a screen, to obscure the view, while keeping the other half of the entryway open. This allows you to make full use of your space, as you can put furniture right up against the screen, as if it were another wall. You can even add hooks on one side of the screen for added storage and organization.

Narrow doors

Unless someone in the home is in a wheelchair, or you need a wide doorframe for a similar reason, and as long as local building codes don't dictate the width of interior doors, you might consider narrowing a doorway. A contractor can easily add drywall to a doorframe so that it's half or three-quarters the standard width, and a carpenter can then also make a door to match. This can mean having a smaller door that doesn't need as much clearance, while still having privacy in a room.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular option for closets, but they can also be installed in standard doorways around the home, where you don't need to actually lock a doorhandle. Bi-fold doors are more narrow than other doors, so they need less clearance for opening.

You can have bi-fold doors made out of any material, including glass, metal, or carved wood, so they can even add a bit of elegance to a bedroom or dining room entryway.  Add oversized handles, hinges, and rollers for even more elegance and style to the doors, giving them lots of personality in your home's limited space.


18 December 2017

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