Tips On Updating Your Home's Interior With Skylights


Skylights are a good choice for adding natural light where a room's windows are too small, or for where you can't add windows at all! Operational skylights that open can also let in lots of fresh air and let out smoke from cooking, cigarette smoke, humidity and the like, which also makes a home's interior more comfortable overall. If you're thinking of adding skylights to your home, note a few tips on what type you might choose so you know you'll love the look of those skylights for as long as you own your home.

Shape and size of skylights

It's easy to think that you want to add the largest skylight you can afford to a room's ceiling, but note where and how the sunlight will land in the room below. If you install large, rectangular skylights opposite an entertainment centre, this can create a glare on the TV screen. You might also bring in so much sunlight that your houseplants will wither and the upholstery of your furniture will begin to fade. Hot, direct sunlight can also dry out timber flooring.

If you prefer lots of natural light in the home but are worried about where that sunlight will land, choose tinted glass to cut down on potential glare and to filter out some of that damaging light. Otherwise, choose smaller skylights, and note the placement of them so that nothing under them is damaged.


If you have an open floor plan, with the dining area flowing right into the kitchen, it can be good to have an operational skylight over the dining table, to remove cooking odours and smoke and to provide fresh air while you eat. An operational skylight is also good in the bathroom, where you can release humidity and steam.

However, an operational skylight in a backroom or entryway may not do much to bring fresh air into the home, as those breezes may not reach your living space. The added cost of an operational skylight in these areas may then be a waste if they will do little to improve air circulation in the home.


Skylights can be equipped with motorized shades that allow you to cover them as needed. Consider this for rooms where you might still want privacy, even from a skylight, such as a bathroom or bedroom, or if you would want to cover the skylight in case of a storm for added sound insulation. This will ensure the home's interior is comfortable and private when needed, even with your new skylights.


26 December 2017

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