Types of Window Shutters for the Home


Window shutters are a great way of adding style and a unique touch to your home. They come in different designs that can fit multiple types of home décor. Furthermore, window shutters have many different functions. Not only do they secure the windows from breaking, they can also keep unwanted people or objects from accessing the home.

In the past, storm shutters were used to prevent damage to windows during strong winds, tornadoes and even hurricanes. This article will explore some of the most common window shutters that are used in today's homes.

Louvered shutters

Louvered shutters are among the most common and reliable window shutters in the market. They consist if overlapping horizontal panels of wood that are arranged in a descending fashion. All the slabs of wood are set into a fixed frame that fits on the outside section of the window.

Louvers can fit many different types of homes. They can also be customized with various color choices to suit your home décor.

Raised panel shutters

Raised panel window shutters consist of solid slabs of wooden panels that attach to the outside of the window. They are easy to swing ope when necessary, and they can be customized to match the window box design.

Many homeowners create unique contrasts between the colors on their raised panel shutters and the outside walls. You can also add cascading flower designs adjacent to the raised panels to create a vintage and stylish look for the home.

Shaker style shutters

Shaker shutters closely resemble raised panel shutters in their build, but they are located on the inside of the home. Their primary function is to block out the sun and bad weather. They consist of flat and solid panels that easily swing open/closed whenever necessary. 

Shaker panels are also a great security feature because they can make it harder for intruders to smash through you windows and gain entry into the home.

Café style shutters

Getting their name for the original French cafes, these shutters are characterized by their halfway appearance, where they cover only the bottom half of the windowpane to allow for privacy within the home.

The top half is usually left open to allow for light to easily pass through. Café shutters are normally louvered with unique designs along the horizontal wooden panels.


The Scandinavian style of window shutters consists of solid boards with bright colors and unique cutouts embedded within the wooden panels. They have a sturdy design that does a good job at protecting the home from strong winds and harmful rays from the sun.


26 December 2017

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