Options to Consider When Looking Low Maintenance Blinds


A popular alternative to curtains for individuals that are looking to change their window furnishings is blinds. These treatments have steadily gained popularity in Aussie households, as they are available in a myriad of style options to complement any interior décor. Nonetheless, the vast selection can be overwhelming for some people as it becomes harder to choose a specific kind of blinds if you do not know how it would be beneficial for your home. However, since most people would like hassle-free treatments, an excellent place to start would be by basing your decision on what would be the easiest to clean. To make your choice easier for you, here are some of the low maintenance blinds that you could consider for your home.

Faux timber blinds   

A prominent reason why faux blinds have become a popular window treatment is that they provide you with the aesthetic of real timber blinds but without the arduous care that natural timber would need. Firstly, the faux timber blinds are resistant to moisture exposure as they are made from composite materials that have been mixed with resins. Therefore, you could fit these binds in wet environments without having to worry about deterioration. Additionally, faux blinds come with different grain patterns just as real wood, so it would be difficult to notice they are not made from natural wood. But they have a much more affordable price tag, which can provide you with significant cost savings. Lastly, since the faux timber blinds are non-porous, they will not attract and absorb dirt and stains as their natural wood counterparts would!

Vertical blinds

Blinds with horizontal slats may be the mainstay for most homes, but did you know the style of your blinds could also influence how much cleaning they would require? The basic structure of horizontal blinds facilitates easier dust collection as the grime falls directly onto the slats. Vertical blinds, conversely, have upright slats. Therefore, they would be less prone to the accumulation of dust particles, which translates into less tedious cleaning for you!

Honeycomb blinds

These types of blinds are also known as cellular shades. A misassumption you may have is that since the blinds are made from fabric, they would be just as difficult as regular drapes to keep clean. A little known fact about these blinds is that their structural design minimises the amount of dirt that they collect. The honeycomb blinds are manufactured using an antistatic material, which functions to repel most of the grime. Therefore, although they will eventually need cleaning, the primary form of maintenance you would have to do is brush or vacuum them on occasion when you notice that a layer of dust is beginning to form


2 January 2018

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