Common Misconceptions About Replacement Windows for the Home


Replacing your home's windows can add instant value to the home, as old windows might allow in heat and cold from outside, increasing your utility bills. Outdated windows can also look very unsightly. New windows not only insulate the home better, but may be easier to operate. Replacing a home's windows also gives you the chance to upgrade the style to something that will let in more light and air. If you're hesitant to replace your home's windows, note a few misconceptions you might have about new windows, and then you can determine the best choice for your home.

The extent of the work

Some homeowners mistakenly think that replacing a home's windows means that they will need extensive work done to the home, to cut out new window frames and brace them up. This might be true if you upgrade to larger windows than those that are currently installed in the home, but most new windows can easily slide into the current window areas that are cut into the home. Lightweight materials such as vinyl or aluminium are also good for older homes with weakened frames, and may not need added bracing. You may then be able to have new windows installed throughout your entire home in just a day or two, depending on the number of windows you need and the materials you choose.


Many homeowners opt for vinyl windows, but this doesn't mean that vinyl is your best choice. Vinyl is very lightweight, as said, but it may also have an artificial look that you don't appreciate. A natural material like aluminium can look better against a traditional brick exterior, and coordinate better with aluminium doors. Aluminium is also resistant to rust and corrosion, and won't hold mildew and mould, so it can be a good choice for your home's windows.


Don't assume that just anyone can install windows, or that this is a DIY job. Windows need to be properly sealed against the home's framework, to avoid drafts and water damage. Windows also need to be installed perfectly level and even, so that they don't pull away from the home's framing, and so that they open and close properly. While lightweight window frame materials like aluminium and vinyl and somewhat easy to manage, windows are still very cumbersome, and dropping one can mean a costly replacement and the risk of injury. Have windows installed by a professional so you know the job is done right and that the replacement windows will be airtight and functional.


8 January 2018

Looking After Your Windows

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