How to Add Insulation to Your Home Without Adding Actual Insulation


If your home tends to be draughty and cold in the winter, and then hot and stuffy during summertime, it may be time to update its overall insulation. Replacing the actual insulation in the home can be expensive, but there are many things you can do it improve the home's insulating factors, so that you keep out more cold and heat throughout the year, and create a more comfortable environment in the home as well. Note a few tips on how to do this for your home.

Roof coating

You may know that heat rises, so that a poor-quality roof that is in disrepair can then let out that heat, making your home feel draughty and cold in wintertime. A roof with holes and leaks can also allow out your air conditioning in summertime, while also allowing in humidity; in turn, your home is hot, stuffy, and humid during summer. You may not need or be able to afford a new roof, but a roof coating can be a good solution. This is a type of foam or spray that is applied to the roof and which then seeps into cracks and holes. The substance dries and hardens to create a coating on the roof which helps to insulate the home year-round.

Attic door

If your home has an attic and there is a dropdown door to access that space, note if the door is often cold or warm. This will tell you if that space is allowing in cold or warm air throughout the year. Some attic doors are made of very thin timber that does little to block the cold and warm air that comes in through the attic, and which might let your heating and cooling escape into the attic space. Upgrade to a thicker, insulated door with a snug fit, so that you're not letting in heat and cold through this area of the home.

Roller shutters

The home's windows can let in heat and cold throughout the year, even if they're double-glazed and have quality caulking around the frames. A good way to avoid this is to have roller shutters installed. These can cover the windows completely and block out any cold wind or summertime heat. While you may not want to close the roller shutters when you're home and want to keep the view out the windows unobscured, these shutters are good for unoccupied rooms, such as bedrooms, and for night-time use. Using these shutters can then drastically reduce your utility bills throughout the year. 


15 January 2018

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