Why Is Your Sliding Door Making a Scraping Sound?


You sliding door may have worked smoothly and quietly for years, but these doors can develop problems as they get older. For example, you may notice that the door now makes a nasty scraping noise whenever you open or close it.

This noise may be down to a problem with the door's tracks. How can you tell if a track is at fault and how can you fix it?

Signs of Track Problems

There are a few ways a track can affect the noise a door makes when it slides open or shut.

Obstructed Tracks

Sliding doors sometimes make a scraping noise if there is something on their tracks that shouldn't be there. As you slide the door open or closed, this obstruction may catch on the door so that it can't operate smoothly. Sometimes, this makes the door noisy.

Worn Tracks

To work smoothly and quietly, a sliding door needs its tracks to be in the right condition to hold the rollers. If your sliding door is old or is used frequently, then one or more of its tracks may be wearing down.

If the track is worn, then the rollers and the door don't get the cushioning they need to work smoothly. This may leave you with a metal-on-metal scraping sound whenever you use the door.

Damaged Tracks

Tracks sometimes get damaged with use or in an accident. For example, parts of the track may bend out of shape. When this happens, then the door's natural slide is impeded by a track that isn't straight any longer. The door may scrape along rather than gliding as it opens and closes. It will then make a scraping noise if it comes off the track at any point.

Track Problem Fixes

If your sliding door noises are caused by an obstructed track, then cleaning the track out might solve the noise issue. Once the track is clean again, the door should run smoothly and quietly.

If your tracks are worn or damaged, then you may not be sure whether you need to replace the door completely. However, these kinds of track problems may be fixable if you bring in someone who knows what they are doing.

So if you have a worn or bent track, then contact local sliding door repair contractors. They can come and look at your door and work out why it is so noisy. If a repair is feasible, they can do this for you.


23 May 2019

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