Why Choose a Glazed Sliding Door For Your Patio Area?


If you want to be able to walk out from your home directly into your garden, then there are plenty of different options available to you. You might opt for a conventional back door or, perhaps, a pair of stylish glazed French doors. Then again, many people like to fit bi-folding patio doors in their homes these days. However, a traditional glazed sliding door is often the best option for many types of Australian homes. Why should you turn to sliding door suppliers for your patio rather than the other options available to you?

Secure Your Home

Firstly, many of the best sliding door suppliers in Australia make extremely robust units these days. In the past, sliding patio doors had a reputation for being easy entry points for criminals. However, with the sort of multipoint locking devices that you can now choose, sliding door suppliers tend to have products which are much more security-conscious than ever before. Even with the big expanse of glass that they provide, glazed sliding doors are no longer the soft entry points that they used to be.

Open Up Your View

One of the main advantages with a glazed patio door that slides across is that it offers you a really large amount of glass to see through. Therefore, if you like to sit inside and view your garden, especially over the winter months, then this is the best option for you. Unlike French doors, for example, you can enjoy glass that extends from the floor to the ceiling, thereby giving you a much better panorama over the rest of your property than you'd otherwise get.

Easy to Operate

When you have a sliding patio door, it should be able to move freely once it has been unlocked. Most glazed door suppliers will be able to offer you exceptionally efficient rollers that mean very little strength is needed to open and close your door. In fact, they should feel like they are gliding when you operate them. Of course, unlike bi-folding doors, you are only moving one section of glazing, which means there is much less to go wrong with the opening and closing mechanism.

No Wind Damage

Another key consideration to factor in when purchasing glazed doors for your patio is the fact that sliding ones cannot get caught by the wind and slam. All too often, French doors and other types of hinged glazed doors will be subject to damage if the wind catches them. This is not the case with a sliding door that sits within its frame at all times, of course. In short, sliding doors are great in all Australian gardens but they are particularly useful in exposed locations where the wind picks up.


30 December 2019

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