Why You Should Consider Bushfire Windows This Summer


No one will forget just how large and sweeping the bushfires of summer 2019/2020 were in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with thousands upon thousands of hectares burnt to the ground and millions of animals dead. Approximately 34 people died from the flames, and over 400 died from smoke inhalation, making it one of the deadliest bushfire seasons on record. That is why this year many people are beginning the preparation for summer and the bushfire season early, and also why bushfire windows have become more and more popular. If you are considering making your home as safe as possible, you need to think about installing bushfire windows.

What Are Bushfire Windows? 

When it comes to an actual attack or nearby presence of a bushfire, often the first structural element to fail in your house is the windows. That is because untreated glass and aluminium frames are simply not built to withstand the extreme heats presented by bushfires. Bushfire windows, on the other hand, are built with this challenge specifically in mind. Not only are they built to last through extreme heat but, depending on the classification of the particular window, they can also withstand direct contact with fire and embers for a period of time.

What Classification Of Bushfire Windows Should You Get?

As mentioned above, there are quite a few different categories of bushfire windows, and not all can do the same thing. Some can only withstand the heat for a short period of time (which is still better than nothing) while others will likely last longer than the structure they are part of. Generally, a good idea is to go for something with at least a BAL-29 accreditation or higher. These windows can withstand a huge amount of heat while still being able to function and can also withstand ember attacks as well.

A Good Investment

Apart from possibly saving your life in the future, bushfire windows are a good investment because they also last a long time. While they are built sturdily to withstand bushfires, this quality construction also means that they survive the regular, but still harsh, elements of the Australian environment quite well. That is why even people in the suburbs of major cities are encouraged to get bushfire windows. They also do not look any different from regular windows, so there is no reason to not choose the safer and more durable option the next time you renovate or build a new house.

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18 September 2020

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