Why Choose a Glazed Sliding Door For Your Patio Area?


If you want to be able to walk out from your home directly into your garden, then there are plenty of different options available to you. You might opt for a conventional back door or, perhaps, a pair of stylish glazed French doors. Then again, many people like to fit bi-folding patio doors in their homes these days. However, a traditional glazed sliding door is often the best option for many types of Australian homes.

30 December 2019

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Bifold Doors


The popularity of bifold doors in Australia is increasing every day. The doors are elegant, and they make an excellent investment. They bring in more natural light and offer a seamless transition into the home. However, just like the other types of doors, bifold doors have their drawbacks. So, how do you know if they are the right for you? Here are their pros and cons.  Pros of bifold doors

10 October 2019

Why Is Your Sliding Door Making a Scraping Sound?


You sliding door may have worked smoothly and quietly for years, but these doors can develop problems as they get older. For example, you may notice that the door now makes a nasty scraping noise whenever you open or close it. This noise may be down to a problem with the door's tracks. How can you tell if a track is at fault and how can you fix it? Signs of Track Problems

23 May 2019

2 situations where it might be a good idea to get your car windows tinted


There are some situations in which it might be a good idea to get your car windows tinted by an automotive window tinting specialist. Read on to find out about two specific situations of this kind. You often need to park your car in areas that have high crime rates  If you work or regularly visit family members and friends in areas which have high rates of crime, and you use your car to travel back and forth from these places, then it might be worth getting the windows of your vehicle tinted.

21 November 2018

Top 3 Materials Used to Make Exterior Window Shutters


Window shutters are essential additions when it comes to shielding your home interiors and family from outside elements like direct sunlight, rain and dust-laden wind. Though window shutters were traditionally designed to be installed within a home, they have a great history of shielding windows on the outside.  If you're looking to install exterior window shutters in your home, the materials from which the products are made should be one of the main considerations.

19 September 2018

Design Tips for Installing Stained Glass in Your Home


Installing stained glass in your home is an excellent way of adding a personal touch to the space. Unlike in the past where the stained glass was popularly used in places of worship, today it has become a design element for both residential and commercial spaces. However, this glass is not cheap. Stained glass that has intricate details can be a costly but worthy investment for your home. That's why you should make sure that you use it correctly to improve the curb appeal of your space.

13 July 2018

How to Cover Glass Doors and Windows in a Manner That Enhances Security


Full exterior glass doors and windows offer a great chance to enhance the visual appeal of your home and a cost-effective way to gain natural light. However, the question of how to cover them for increased security, without compromising visual appeal, can be challenging to answer. Take a look at these different options to help you cover your windows in style. Vertical Blinds Blinds are the most common window treatments and offer great protection because they prevent home invaders from scouting your home for valued items.

31 May 2018

Choosing the Best Material for Window Frames


When choosing new windows for your home, you'll need to select the material for the frames as well as the type of glass for the windows itself. Three very popular options for window frames are wood, fibreglass, and aluminium; each has their own pros and cons, so note a few of those here, and this will help you to determine the best choice for your home. Wood Wood has a very traditional look that is attractive inside and out.

15 January 2018

How to Add Insulation to Your Home Without Adding Actual Insulation


If your home tends to be draughty and cold in the winter, and then hot and stuffy during summertime, it may be time to update its overall insulation. Replacing the actual insulation in the home can be expensive, but there are many things you can do it improve the home's insulating factors, so that you keep out more cold and heat throughout the year, and create a more comfortable environment in the home as well.

15 January 2018

Questions You Might Have About Double-Glazed Windows


Double-glazed windows are often recommended for homeowners who want to have new windows installed in their home, as this type of window adds more insulation to the structure, and can block out more noise from the outside as well. If it's been recommended that you choose double-glazed windows for your home, or you're looking to upgrade the windows and aren't sure if double-glazed panes are the best investment, note some questions you might have about these windows, and this can ensure you make the best choice for your home overall.

11 January 2018