Don't Miss Out on These 4 Benefits of Installing Leadlight Doors


Old heritage houses and churches may be your first exposure to leadlight doors. However, leadlight windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Leadlight panels contain decorative glass, which is either frosted or clear. They are made by incorporating various techniques to create varying intricate designs and shapes. You can gain numerous benefits when you install leadlight doors, and here are some of them. 1. They Are Easily Customisable

10 March 2021

Two Scenarios in Which You Should Use Exterior Shutters Instead of Interior Window Dressings


Below are two scenarios in which you should consider abandoning the use of interior window dressings and getting exterior shutters fitted instead. Your lifestyle doesn't necessitate or allow for interior window dressings It's a common misconception that every home needs to have interior window dressings. In reality, there are many circumstances in which it is necessary or preferable not to bother with them and to instead rely only on exterior shutters to block light.

8 December 2020

Why You Should Consider Bushfire Windows This Summer


No one will forget just how large and sweeping the bushfires of summer 2019/2020 were in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with thousands upon thousands of hectares burnt to the ground and millions of animals dead. Approximately 34 people died from the flames, and over 400 died from smoke inhalation, making it one of the deadliest bushfire seasons on record. That is why this year many people are beginning the preparation for summer and the bushfire season early, and also why bushfire windows have become more and more popular.

18 September 2020

Why Choose a Glazed Sliding Door For Your Patio Area?


If you want to be able to walk out from your home directly into your garden, then there are plenty of different options available to you. You might opt for a conventional back door or, perhaps, a pair of stylish glazed French doors. Then again, many people like to fit bi-folding patio doors in their homes these days. However, a traditional glazed sliding door is often the best option for many types of Australian homes.

30 December 2019

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Bifold Doors


The popularity of bifold doors in Australia is increasing every day. The doors are elegant, and they make an excellent investment. They bring in more natural light and offer a seamless transition into the home. However, just like the other types of doors, bifold doors have their drawbacks. So, how do you know if they are the right for you? Here are their pros and cons.  Pros of bifold doors

10 October 2019

Why Is Your Sliding Door Making a Scraping Sound?


You sliding door may have worked smoothly and quietly for years, but these doors can develop problems as they get older. For example, you may notice that the door now makes a nasty scraping noise whenever you open or close it. This noise may be down to a problem with the door's tracks. How can you tell if a track is at fault and how can you fix it? Signs of Track Problems

23 May 2019

2 situations where it might be a good idea to get your car windows tinted


There are some situations in which it might be a good idea to get your car windows tinted by an automotive window tinting specialist. Read on to find out about two specific situations of this kind. You often need to park your car in areas that have high crime rates  If you work or regularly visit family members and friends in areas which have high rates of crime, and you use your car to travel back and forth from these places, then it might be worth getting the windows of your vehicle tinted.

21 November 2018